1954 La Carrera Panamericana

In Car Footage from the 1954 La Carrera Panamericana

La Carrera Panamericana

The Documentary Video of "Carrera Panamericana (1950-54)" Is Available
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Preview a video being produced on the 1950-1954 series by
Ron Kellogg, Jeanetta Dumouchel, & Stephen Mitchell

rule book cover

Rule Book
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ray crawford ray crawford ray crawford

The Winning Car Photos taken at Harrah's Reno in 1970

crew shirt

1954 Lincoln Crew Member Shirt

car 149 and 103 chuck daigh phil hill and mary faulkner

Left: Car 149 and 103
Center: Chuck Daigh
Right: Phil Hill & Mary Faulkner

ak miller/ray crawford/walt faulkner

The cars of Ak Miller, Ray Crawford, and Walt Faulkner
With Hershel McGriff's Olds in the background

bill vukovich

Bill Vukovich

The 5 images above were submitted by Roger Clements
Taken at the 50 year reunion held at the Peterson Automotive Museum

In the Slide Show, please note the following from the Oaxaca Pit Stop:

The car shown went over the side of a mountainous road one night
traveling at 75 mph with Bill Edwards at the wheel
and Johnny Glue asleep in the front seat.
Glue went out the front windshield backwards.
They were found 50' down an embankment with Edwards honking the horn.
A 5 point shoulder harness fitted with aircraft retractors & a full cage saved Edwards. Glue landed in soft dirt.
The chief of Police in Oaxaca was paid 500 pesos to get a local with a dump truck to pull the car out the next day.
Then John Holman, Bill Stroppes' parts man, went to work

A Refrigerated, self-contained food truck for the 53 members of the Lincoln team. Fresh water, milk, etc. Not one member of the team had Montezuma's Revenge throughout the whole trip thanks to the preplanning and forethought of Stroppe and his people.

Roadside pit "stall" complete with a nitrogen operated jack that would lift the car instantly for the much needed tire and complete brake change. Set up by a Long Beach, CA police officer who raced under the alias of Ted Tracy.